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Hello my name is Darren Barnes and welcome to my “Endurance and Ultra Running” blog.
I am just an ordinary hard working guy and a caring family man. Who in his spare time enjoys Long Distance Endurance Running & Hiking that includes; Mountain Marathons, Ultra Marathons, Road Racing and Good Navigational skills. I hope that you will enjoy reading about my “Vigorous & Hard” training runs both “On & Off” road. – “Not for the Faint Hearted”!
My favourite running places include the “Cheviots Hills in Northumberland” and “The Dales in North Yorkshire”. With plans to include, “The Lake District and Scotland”.
My training runs differ from most people’s routes, as I tend to create my own running routes within none commercialised, un-spoilt and rural areas. My routes include a mixture of hard trail & road, where a good level of Endurance and essential Navigational Skills are required.  
I am a great believer that any good Endurance run or Workout. Should include Distance, Endurance, Navigation, Ascent, Decent and basically pushing your body beyond the “Pain Barrier”!

Remember this as a Mantra– “If it’s not Raining, then there’s NO Training”.

I believe that I get my enthusiasm and motivation from reading books by heroes such as “Sir Ernest Shackleton, Sir Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ranulph Fiennes”. These gentlemen and their colleagues are great men of “Endurance & Courage”.  But most importantly is having a very understanding family, who understands the reasons why I spend lots of my spare time hitting the trails.

During my long Endurance runs and Ultra Marathon events. I have the great pleasure to meet with lots of interesting people, who share the same interests and goals in life as myself. Who in a way are similar to that of Shackleton, Scott & Fiennes, demonstrating “Great Endurance & Courage”, but go without recognition.

As I develop my blog I hope to include within my regular posts; Interesting Running Routes, Maps, Places of Interest, Photographs and share Nutritional & Training Tips that work.
So if you are in to “Long Distance & Endurance Running” and you would like to view a Running blog, which differs from most others. Then please “Join my Blog” and become a member, where I hope that you find my posts both interesting and of great benefit to your “Own Training Plans and Needs”.

“Keep on Running”
  Darren Barnes
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