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Endurance Run 3 - Osmotherley - East Yorkshire Moors

Osmotherley – East Yorkshire

·         Date - 10th December, 2011

·         Location - Osmotherley Village, East Yorkshire.

·         Total Distance - 18.81 Miles
·         Total Running Time, including Stoppages for Photographs - 04:24:46
·         Total Ascent - 821 Metres
·         Total Decent - 848 Metres
·         Total Calories Burned - 2,617
The above information was taken from my Nike Runmeter and Garmin Vista GPS.
Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any unfortunate errors made during writing this post.  This run has been completed by myself, with my best of knowledge and ability in recalling the entire route.

Recommendations: -In advance of undertaking this running route, I would recommend that the runner undertakes the following; Research the Route, Run with a Partner, Take an Ordnance Survey Map, Compass, Whistle, Waterproof Clothing, Nutrition, Survival Bag, Mobile Phone and completes a Route Card.

About this running route: This route takes in the "short route," 17 miles of the famous "Osmotherley Phoenix". There is a series of routes to choose from that includes; 17, 26 and 32 mile Ultramarathon, which is open to both walkers and runners.

These events all take place in one day, starting and ending outside the village hall of Osmotherley. These events are all part of the Summer Games, which take place in July each year. For further information regarding the "Osmotherley Phoenix", please visit the following link.
The route follows various sections of the long distance walking path called the "Cleveland Way". Passing through various woodlands, fields and hills that include; Chapel Wood, Round Hill,  Faceby Bank, Carlton Moor, Carlton Bank, Gliding Club, Brian's Pond, Barkers Ridge, Arnsgill Ridge, Low Cote Farm, Wheat Beck, Dale Head, Square Corner, Reservoir, Oak Dale, Whitehouse Farm, Middleton Bank and finishing at Osmotherley.

Start & Finish Point – Quarry Lane
Grid reference - SE458 978

After parking the car in a small layby, follow the lane downhill to pick up the Cleveland Way  which is on your right. This track is also called” Ruebury Lane”, where passing houses on your right and farms on your left.

At the end of the lane, keep to your right and pass through a wooden gate. The lane turns into an off road track, passing through a partial open field. At the end of the field, pass through a second wooden gate. At this point the track splits in to three sections, where we take the track on the right "The Cleveland Way".
The track starts a long and steady ascent through “Chapel Wood” heading towards the TV Station. After passing through several more gates, the track opens up and crosses through “Scarth Wood Moor”.

After reaching the end of Scarth Wood Moor, there is a choice of two short tracks to choose from. Which both lead on to the same road called "Scarth Nick" and on to “Coalmire Lane”. Please note that the track on the left leads down a series of steep steps, where in wet weather these can become very slippery and dangerous under foot. Where as for the track on the right, this leads down to “Scarth Nick” with an easy and  gradual descent. At the bottom of both tracks, cross over a cattle grid and pass through a wooden gate on your right.

Follow the track through the woodland until  reaching a sign posted track on your left, prior to reaching “Clain Wood”. After a short decent down a series of slippery steps, cross over a small road and enter through a wooden gate. Follow the track which skirts around the base of “Clain Wood”.  After approximately one kilometre, take the track on your left next to the wooden sign post. The track crosses over an open field, through a weir and merges with “Green Lane”. At the junction of “Green Lane”, head straight ahead and enter “Live Moor Plantation” via a wooden gate.

At the end of the track at "Live Moor Plantation", enter through a wooden gate on your right and ascend the steep steps. Exit the plantation through a wooden gate and ascend “Round Hill”.  Keeping to the Cleveland Way, follow this towards reaching the trig point of “Carlton Moor and Carlton Bank”. Passing “Knoll End, Gold Hill, Faceby Bank and the Gliding Club House”.

David -H and his trusty dog, pose for a photograph at the trig point of “Carlton Bank”. 

At the trig point take the track on your right, passing through a disused quarry heading towards the “Gliding Club House”. After passing through the clubs disused car park, follow the dusty road downhill for approximately 500 metres, until reaching a track on your right next to a wooden sign post. Follow the tack until reaching “Brian's Pond”. Take the track on your left, pass through a series of wooden gates heading along "Bakers Ridge". At the end of the ridge, take the track on the right and pass "Osmotherley Stones". At the next track junction, take the track on your right pass “Arnsgill Ridge”, until reaching a large wooden gate. Pass through a wooden gate and follow the descending track, pass through a second wooden gate until reaching "Hill End Farm". Turn right at the farm yard and follow the road passing “Low Cote Farm” on your right until reaching "Wheat Beck"

A word of “CAUTION”.

Just after leaving Brian's Pond there is a multitude of short tracks, where an error in judgment can be easily made in selecting the wrong track to follow. This is where the runner, should pay particular attention to his or, her map and compass.


Turning right at “Wheat Beck”, passing over a foot bridge and entering the field through a wooden gate. Follow the track for a short distance, until reaching a gate on your right. Pass through the wooden gate and follow the track crossing over the moor in parallel to “Wheat Beck and Waterfall Wood”. Cross over the wooden foot bridge and head towards "Dale Head". Follow the track passing a half demolished house, which is on your right. 

Pass  through a wooden gate and follow the track until reaching the road. Turn left at the road and follow this until reaching the car park at "Square Corner". As the road bends right, take the track next to the wooden sign post heading towards “Osmotherley”. The track descends sharply until reaching “Oak Dale Reservoir”. Follow the track through a series of metal gates and pass a farm on your right. Enter through a wooden gate and follow the track as it ascends steeply meeting with the road.

At the junction turn left and head downhill for several metres, until picking up the track on your right sign posted the ”Cleveland Way”, also known as “Green Lane”. Follow Green Lane, until reaching a track on your left. Follow the track heading towards Whitehouse Farm. Keeping to your right and by passing the farm, follow the track down to the beck. Cross over the foot bridge and ascend the steep track until reaching the junction of “Back Lane”. Turning left on to “Back Lane”, follow this road for a short distance, until meeting with the main village road of Osmotherley. Follow this road back up to Quarry Lane, passing several public houses until reaching the finishing point.


I hope that you enjoy running this route, taking in the splender and  beauty of the surrounding countryside. I have on several occasions entered the famous “Osmotherley Phoenix”, Summer Games.  Where I have taking part in races that include, both 17 and 26 mile routes. If you are looking to enter a well organised off road race with a great atmosphere, then I would recommend that you consider in entering the “Osmotherley Phoenix”.
 “Keep on Running”

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