Monday, 26 December 2011

A Christmas Eve Recovery Run

This post is to be viewed with a little light Christmas humour ....

Location - Sunderland Tyne & Wear
  • Date  - 24th December, 2011
  • Sunderland - Tyne & Wear
  • Time: 07:44 hrs
  • Total Distance - 15.00 Miles
  • Total Running Time, including Stoppages for Photographs - 3:00:15
  • Total Ascent - Not recorded
  • Total Decent - Not recorded
  • Total Calories Burned - 2,268
I did this run without any intension of trying to break the "World Speed Record" or, the "4 Minute Mile".  I was not sure how far I would last before, I collapsed by the roadside due to my Chest Infection.

While suffering from a very heavy Chest Infection and bad Asthma. With no endurance running or, training for over 10 days. Then that was it, I had enough, my Testosterone levels where now starting to peak again.  I decide to take off my slippers, put on my bergan and slip on my running shoes.

Watch out here comes the Endurance runner.......

After taking my morning Antibiotic and downing a delicious "Tuna and Pasta Bake for my breakfast. I made a few Jam Sandwiches, throw them in with a had full of fresh dates in to my side pouch of my Inov-8 Bergan and hit the road.

Feeling the Christmas spirit,  wearing my "Festive Hat". I had tuned in to 97.3FM Radio Brisbane for the "Saturday Night Party Night". If you are fortunate to own a smart phone, then I can not recommend enough the following app - "Tunein Radio" 

This app allows you to listen in to all global radio channels and specialist radio stations. Pending on the time of day that you do your run. You can listen in to Brisbane's - "The Saturday Night Party Night and then switch over to the San Francisco's - "Saturday Morning show".

Its just fab!!!
The Start of my morning run, wearing my "Festive  Hat"

The half way marker - my target "Penshaw Monument Hill"

A quick and fast ascent to the top of "Penshaw Monument Hill"

At the top and  looking Silly, must be the "Antibiotics"!!!!

The view below me of "Penshaw Park"

The finish  and "feeling good"

At the end of my run, I was feeling in very good shape. I could of easily kept on running to knock out a cool 20 miles that morning. However, time was running out for me, it was Christmas Eve and it was now "Family Time"!!!.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone, who has taken time to read my blog post's. Interesting people and fellow runners that I have met during my long runs & races.

My new Facebook &Twitter friends, but most importantly my Wife & Daughter, Family and Closest Friends far & wide.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. 

 “Keep on Running”

  Darren Barnes
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