Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Endurance Run 2 - The Glenridding Summit Circle

The Glenridding Summit Circle
  • Date  - 21st November, 2011
  • Location - Glenridding Youth Hostel - Lake District
  • Total Distance - 12.29 Miles
  • Total Running Time, including Stoppages for Photographs - 04:23:31
  • Total Ascent - 1057 Metres
  • Total Decent - 1087 Metres
  • Total Calories Burned - 1591
The above information was taken from my Nike Runmeter and Garmin Vista GPS.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any unfortunate errors made during writing this post.  This run has been completed by myself, with my best of knowledge and ability in recalling the entire route.
Recommendations: -In advance of undertaking this running route, I would recommend that the runner undertakes the following; Research the Route, Run with a Partner, Take an Ordnance Survey Map, Compass, Whistle, Waterproof Clothing, Nutrition, Survival Bag, Mobile Phone and completes a Route Card.
Starting Point – Glenridding Youth Hostel – Lake District
Swart Beck can be seen on the right of this photograph.
After parking the car outside the Youth Hostel and making my way over the footbridge towards Stang End. Witnessing the intense power of the water falling down from Swart Beck.
Passing the weir on the left and picking up the trail on my right. With a short but steep ascent passing Stang End on the left, the disused Mine & Lucy’s Tongue on my right. Crossing over the foot bridge and taking the track on my left.
The track starts to stabilize enabling me to zone in to a moderate pace, heading up to Sticks Pass with the Ski Tow on my left, Green Side and Sty Barrow Dodd on my right.

At the head of Sticks Pass where several tracks cross over, taking the track on the right to reach the summit of “Raise”.

At the cairn on the summit of the “Raise”
After a quick slice of "Cherry Fruit Cake" which I purchased earlier, from a roadside mobile food van. I progress forward with my run, following the track towards the cairn near Whiteside Bank.
Whilst homing in on my next target “The Helvellyn”. The weather quickly closes in with high winds, low cloud, poor visability and drizzle. Now the run gets more interesting!!!
After a long and steep ascent through the mist reaching my target, the "Trig Point" on the summit of the Helvellyn. Then heading west and passing Striding Edge on my left, which I can not see as it is masked by the mist. Being careful here, as the track splits in to two tracks. Which I chose to take the track on my left heading up and over “Nethermost Pike & Dollywaggon Pike”.
The track starts its slippy decent caused by wet rock, winding down and reaching  “Grisedale Tarn”. What a beautiful sight!!!

After downing a "Banana and an Energy Gel". Then progressing on following the descending track down towards “Grisedale Forrest”. With the beauty of Tarn Crag, Falcon Crag and The Tongue looming in the back ground.

Avoiding the footbridge on my left, but still following the descending  track and passing the “Ruthwaite” Climbing Hut on my left. With Grisedale Beck on my left and the beauty of “St Sunday Crag” on my right. The track at Thornhow now changes into tarmac, where at this point I take the track on my left and heading up a very steep ascent to the entrants of Brownend Plantation. Where I enter through a wooden gate, which is on my left and I follow the track up towards “Lanty’s Tarn”.
Lanty’s Tarn
After downing a Tuna Sandwich, then progressing on following the track to exit “Lanty's Tarn” through a wooden gate towards Glenridding. The track gets rather muddy and slippy where careful attention of foot placement is required. Crossing the foot bridge over Miresbeck and taking the middle track heading towards the Glenridding Youth Hostel. With Blea Cove on your right and Glenridding Beck on your left. The track follows a long side a stone wall, where a view point of the Youth Hostel and Swart Beck can be found on your right. After crossing over the foot bridge and passing the Weir on your left, the run comes to an end back at the Youth Hostel.

Photograph of the Youth Hostel with Swart Beck on the right

A close up photograph of Swart Beck

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my running buddy David - H, for introducing me to this wonderful location and interesting run.
Now it's time for a well earned beer!!!

“Keep on Running”

  Darren Barnes
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