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Tales of Endurance Introduction


"Tales of Endurance" are stunning accounts of the most extraordinary feats experienced in my journey to competing in the gruelling and famous "Hardmoors 110", (110 mile ultramarathon). Each tale will describe my key objective and give you a first hand insight into how my anatomy deals with the stress of extreme exercise, whilst developing a positive
ultra mind-set. 

It was Monday 8th February, when I officially registered my name to compete in the Hardmoors 110 ultramarathon. This endurance based event follows on from my recent success in completing the iconic "West Highland Way" 95 mile ultramarathon. 

The following extract was taken from the Hardmoors website. For further details, please follow the link below.

About the Hardmoors 110

The Hardmoors 110 Ultramarathon follows the dramatic Cleveland Way National Trail encircling the North York Moors and the Cleveland Heritage coastline.
Commencing in the North Yorkshire Market town of Helmsley competitors will have a time limit of 36 hours to complete the 110 mile single stage trail race, passing through the North York Moors and the beautiful Cleveland Hills before following the stunning Cleveland Heritage coastline visiting Saltburn, Runswick Bay, Staithes, Dracula's Whitby, The old smuggling town of Robin Hoods Bay, Ravenscar and the seaside resort of Scarborough before finishing in Filey. The Hardmoors 110 holds 4 points to UTMB qualification

The following video about Hardmoors is narrated by Jon Steele race director.
So I ask you to join me on this incredible journey as we build together our endurance and strength to developing a positive ultra mind-set. 

Meet my race support team 

Let me introduce to you my race support team. They are Ray Wheatley aka (Ultrarunner Moorsman), 
John Shemmings and Jason Cameron.

To compliment their experiences as described below. They had also played  important roles as part of my "West Highland Way" support team.

I have asked them to introduce themselves and briefly describe their  experiences in their own words. 

Ray Wheatley aka "Ultrarunner Moorsman".
Support runner profile
Started ultrarunning after a couple of years of road running "half and full marathons". I had advanced to fell races and was hooked by the natural beauty and tranquillity of the moors. I then entered the iconic Hardmoors 55 ultramarthon, but failed on the first attempt as I was carrying too much kit at the time. My second attempt I had  failed due to hyperthermia at 42 miles, but I kept my focus and learnt from these slight setbacks. I had gone to Scotland and completed the famous Hoka Highland Fling 54 mile ultramarthon. Following this I competed in the Lyke Wake race before completing the Hardmoors Grand Slam in 2013, which included "30, 55, 110 and 60" mile events all in same year.
I have also been a support runner in several races of 40 - 50miles and including the second half of the iconic West Highland Way 95 mile ultramarton.

John Shemmings 

Support driver profile
Support driver and number one arse kicker !. Commando trained at Royal Marine college Lympston barracks. I earned my green beret in 1985 and served as a PTI in the Commando forces. I was the heavy weight boxing champion in CDO Regt and to be honest I  never liked running. I am built for power and strength. I successfully climbed Mt Mount Kilimanjaro and completed many  multi charity events for charities such as the Grace House Appeal, Meningitis Trust and Cancer Research. I was awarded the Angel of the North award from the Sunderland echo and Vaux Breweries. I am an all round crazy guy, I love fly fishing and mountain biking.

With John & Sarah Smith 

Jason Cameron 

Support runner profile
My name is Jason Cameron and I would like to write a little bit about how I started running ultramarathons with Darren Barnes. I have only been running with Darren for about three years and over this time. I have done things I didn't know that were possible, especially for an overweight, drinking,  smoking 41 year old who hadn't really done any sport for about 20 years.  
I first met Darren about 5 years ago when I moved house and lived directly opposite to him. Having a young family and working shifts, I was often up at very unsociable hours and I often used to see this crazy guy going out running at all times of the day, night, in all weathers wearing a head torch and a fully loaded rucksack. I would also see Darren when I was out walking my dog running up, down and around  the ski slope at Silksworth sports complex and I often wondered if he was actually sane. Feeling inspired I decided to start running myself and entered the great North Run and Hamsterley Forest 10k trail run. I was buzzing after completing these two achievements and proudly mentioned this two Darren when passing one day. I knew Darren was running long distances but I nearly fell over when he told me he was training for the 95 mile West Highland Way Ultramarathon. I did not realise people actually ran these distances. Darren was always asking if I fancied going out for a run with him, so one day I decided to give it a go and the rest as they say is history. Myself and Darren over the last three years have been on countless training runs, where my Saturday morning would consist of running a marathon distance around the Cleveland Way or Pennine Way or around our favourite stomping ground Penshaw Hill and woods. During the last three years I have also raced in some great ultras including the Haworth Hobble, Jedburgh Three Peaks, Hardmoors 55 and Hoka Highland Fling. I have also swept (Last Running Marshall) for some great races like the
St Cuthbert's Way, Sunderland Urban 35 and Jedburgh Three Peaks ultramarthons. Darren and myself had also swept together this year the Hardmoors 55 and the St Cuthbert's way ultramathons. Darren has introduced me to some fantastic people in the ultramarathon world and I look forward to running many more races alongside him.   

With Jason & Jackie Buston 

Let the journey begin...

                                                  “Keep on running & be inspired”

                                                          Darren Barnes

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