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The Haworth Hobble Ultramarthon

Haworth Hobble Ultramarathon

Date: Saturday 9th March, 2013

Race starting time 8:00am

The following data was recorded by Garmin Connect

Distance: 32.00 Miles
Total Running Time: 7:53:56
Calories Burned: 4384
Ascent: 4621 feet
Descent: 4658 feet

About the race

A 32 mile Ultramarathon traversing Gritstone Moors around Haworth, Todmorden and Hebden Bridge with over 4,400 ft of Ascent & Descent. Maximum time allowed 11 hours to complete the event. Refreshments provided on route at the check points and hot meals served at the end of the race.

Route information shown in Google maps

Entry list on the day

Race results

Race report

Registration on the day had opened at 06:30 hrs at Haworth Primary School, where 67 paired and 302 solo runners registered and received their race numbers. The weather forecast for the day had included; sleet and blustery showers. The outside temperature was 0*C with windchill in excess of minus 5*C celsius.

The race started at the bottom of  Main Street and follows up the cobbled road. Heading along Cemetery Road towards "Far Intake and Bronte Bridge". Leading on to the  Pennine Way, passing  Widdop reservoir at Check Point (1) and Walshaw Dean reservoir. Heading west along both Burnley Way, Pennine Bridleway, passing Hurstwood and Cant Clough reservoirs. This section of the route had exposed the runners to the elements of the weather, where low hanging mist had played havoc with navigation.

After leaving Check Point (3) the route follows the "Long Causeway", passing Stiperden House Farm and Stoney Lane to Checkpoint (4). At the Check Point the runners had the opportunity to take advantage of hot food and drink that was on offer these included; Hot Dogs, Jam Doughnuts, Tea & Coffee. Then heading southeast down Stoney Lane passing the Golf Course and Cross Stone Inn. Taking  the steep, narrow footpath passing the back of the church and leading down to the main road. The footpath had proven difficult to descend safely, due to wet and slippery underfooting. 

The ascent to Mankinholes Youth Hostel had started with a steep zig zaging path, over a sty and through two fields until reaching Check Point (5). After refilling water bottles the track turned east passing water troughs on the left, taking a steep track on the right and ascending until reaching the summit of "Stoodley Pike". Then heading east along the Pennine Way down to Hebble End in Hebden Bridge. After crossing the A646 access was gained to steep steps and road, which climbed steeply into Heptonstall. Turning right and bypassing the pub at Check Point (7), following the tarmac lane down towards reaching Horse Bridge at Check Point (8).Through the car park on the left, picking up the bridleway and heading towards Crimsworth Dene at Check Point (9). Turning back on yourself back tracking the tarmac lane heading towards "Top Of Stairs" and following the track as it descends down until reaching  Leeshaw Reservoir.

This section of the route leading from "Top Of Stairs" towards the reservoir had left the runners exposed to the elements of the "deteriorating" weather.

Leaving the reservoir and heading along Lee Lane until reaching the junction of Moorside Lane. Turn left heading up the lane, taking the track on the right and across Penistone Hill country park towards the church. Leading up the cobble road and out on to Rawdon road to the finish line  back at Haworth Primary School.


The starting line at the bottom of Main Street, where the runners ascend the cobble road.

Picking up "Bronte Way" track, passing "The Slack" on my left and heading towards "Lower Laithe" reservoir.

Running along the "Pennine Way towards "Walshaw Dean Lower" reservoir.


Stoodley Pike Monument

The finish of the race back at Haworth Prinary School

On behalf of all fellow runners and myself. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Volunteers, Marshall's, Kitchen Staff. Management and Club Members. For there kind hospitality and professionalism shown throughout the entire event. This was a great day to be enjoyed by all.

A big thank you to my running friends for their company and banter during the race.

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