Sunday, 5 February 2012

An Endurance Experiment

Date: Saturday 4th February 2012

Outside Temperature: Minus - 2* degree's

Weather Conditions: Clear Sky's, Cold with a daunting Wind Chill

My favourite radio station playing on my phone - 97.3FM Radio Brisbane Australia - "The Saturday Night Party Mix"

 I did this experiment to investigate new training methods and to see how my body would react while being under various stresses.  These stresses included de-hydration due to NO fluid
in-take, extreme out door temperatures and biting wind chill.

After a very tiring week at work  my energy levels were drained and I struggled to get myself motivated. However, as usual my self discipline and bloody mindedness got the better of me. After waking at 5 am in the morning, with severe cramp in my left calf muscle. I started to prepare my running kit and nutrition for my usual run that morning. 

There was a fight progressing within me, where my body had no intention of running, but my mind was fighting for the cause.

My breakfast consisted of  a bowl of Berry's, Dates, Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans, Peanuts & Raisins and several cups of Black Coffee.

After devouring my healthy breakfast,  it was time to change in to  my winter running kit and hit the road.

With early morning temperatures being around minus -2* degree's, I had every intention of running between 10 -15 miles. After about 15 minutes of running  the concoction of Berry's, Coffee Beans and Dates had kicked in.

My body was fuelled with overwhelming energy and endurance.

My route that morning took in the splendour of Tunstall Hills, this section was taken from my Endurance Run 1 - "The City of Sunderland 4 Peak Challenge". The route also included a tour of Burdon village, New Herrigton, The Barnes and Tunstall.

As the wind chill started to biting through my top and base layers, I was starting to feel early stages of hypothermia.

Please note: that this experiment excluded the consumption of any fluids, including water.

After completing 10:72 miles, with the effects of early stages of hypothermia. I thought that I would call it a day and take the opportunity of an inviting hot "Whirlpool" bath to re warm my cold inner body core and muscles.

My trusty watch

Outside temperature after my run, showing a promising  increase of 1.8* degree's

My body had stored enough energy to allow me to easily complete 20 miles, but on this occasion. The cold morning temperature and early stages of Hypothermia had won this fight, but mark my words. 
 I will fight on to run another day.

“Keep on Running & be Inspired”
  Darren Barnes
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