Sunday, 8 January 2012

Time Spent On My Feet

Saturday 7th January, 2012

This mornings running route: Endurance Run 1 - "The Sunderland 4 Peak Challenge"

Total Distance: 20:42 Miles - With some detours, due to poor under foot conditions.

Total Calories Burned: 2,959

Running Time: 4:34 Hours

Time 5:30am: Breakfast - Lasagna and Energy Gel

Start of run: 08:00 hours.

This morning  I was feeling quite tired from my first week back to work following the Christmas Holiday period. Last week I managed a total weekly running mileage of 42 miles, which 70 percent of this was off road trail running.

With today's mileage this would accumulated to a total running mileage of 32 miles, which again 80 percent of this would be off road trail running. 

Starting my run at Peak Number 1 - "Tunstall Hills".

The half way marker at 10 miles - Peak Number 4 "Penshaw Monument"

Passing the local wild life heading down to the river bank of the River Wear.

Heading along the river back towards the city centre. 

My Garmin watch at the end of the run, displaying my running statistics.

When you are preparing for long distance racing such as Marathons and Ultra Marathons. It is important to include long distance training runs within your training schedule. Where your body and mind  can experience a variety of stresses and strains, that you will undergo during any long distance racing.  This is called " Time Spent On Your Feet".  

"Keep On Running"

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